Friday, September 03, 2010

Kisah Poligami

Seorang suami yang telah hampir 10 tahun mendirikan rumahtangga dengan seorang wanita dari utara Malaysia sementara dirinya pula dari Pantai Timur .

Selama 9 tahun dia berkawin dengan isterinya ni dia boleh dikatakan tak pernah balik beraya di Pantai Timur . Juga sukar sekali untuk mereka bercuti ke Pantai Timur . Boleh dikatakan dia sudah jadi orang Utara.

Di jadikan cerita suami ini telah berkahwin seorang lagi dengan wanita dari Pantai Timur. Pada mulanya isteri pertamanya tidak mengetahui tentang perkawinan ini . Bila dia tahu mengamuk lah si isteri . Tapi dia dan madunya tidak dok satu negeri .

Disebalik apa yang berlaku ada hikmahnya . Sejak suami dia kahwin lain mereka sudah kerap balik Ke Pantai Timur . Boleh di katakan sejak bermadu setiap tahun mereka balik kampung suami .

Allah s.w.t. itu Maha Adil . Bile dah teratuk baru tergadah . Malangnya isteri kedua tak pernah berpeluang sekalai pun untuk beraya dengan suaminya kecuali pada satu hari raya haji itu pun tanpa pengetahuan isteri pertama .

Aneh kan manusia ni .

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Some Expert Weight Loss Tips

TAKE BABY STEPS - Weight loss didn't happen overnight. It was a gradualprocess of change over time. You are lucky Herbalife helps you get therefaster and safer than any other comfortable means known to mankind.DON'T DENY YOURSELF - What? Don't deny yourself a healthy life, but do denyyourself unhealthy foods. It is time that you reverse your old way ofthinking and realize that deprivation comes from eating unhealthy foods, notfrom abstaining from them. When you eat unhealthy foods, you are denyingyour chances for the body you desire, the healthy life that you aspire toand the satisfaction of knowing you can succeed. Don't deny yourself whatyou really want!TRY NEW FOOD CHOICES - Like Grandma should have said, learn to savor yoursoy ! Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it isn't good for you. Tryto prepare foods in new ways and teach your taste buds healthy habits!MEASURE SNACKS - If you like to snack on things like fried nuts, mixtures,biscuits, cakes, ice cream, milk chocolates etc, measure out your portionsBEFORE you eat them! It is time consuming ONCE, but you'll be happy you didit. How many times have you opened a bag and consumed the whole thing beforeyou realized what happened? Control the munchies before they control YOU!PLAN - If you work outside of the home or are going to be gone for the day,pack a lunch, snacks and water ! Most people eat fast food like pizzas, burgers or other junk food when on the road. Well,NOTHING is faster than reaching in your fridge and grabbing a healthyalternative!PREPARE - When shopping for groceries, don't buy it if you shouldn't eat it!Why set yourself up for failure by bringing tempting items into the home?Don't fall for the "but the kids need it" trap! Who really ends up eatingthe junk? YOU! So, don't buy it and don't set yourself up for failure.SHOP THE PERIMETER OF THE GROCERY STORE - At most grocery stores, thevegetables, meats, dairy and other essentials can be found on the outsideaisles. Venture into the vertical aisles for household necessities, butavoid the processed foods and aerated drinks.ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT WHEN EATING OUT - You are paying for it, so get whatyou want! Order your meal raw, steamed or boiled. Most restaurants are happyto accommodate your needs, but you have to ask for what you want. Who knowsit may inspire them or others eating with you!ENJOY THE "SPECIALness" of SPECIAL OCCASIONS - Remember, everywhere you go,there YOU are! By that I mean just because you are on vacation, at a partyor attending a function, that doesn't mean you have to leave your healthyeating and habits at home! The "specialness" of any occasion should be thepeople, the event and the fun, not the FOOD! Limit your alcohol intake, too!WATER - Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Ideally 1 liter of water isneeded for every 20 kgs of your body weight, and a bit more during hotsweaty summers. In fact, it helps to keep a bottle of water at all times.EXERCISE - Work your body! Healthy eating alone won't give you a toned body.Exercise needs to become mandatory if not an integral part of your healthylifestyle. Like Nike says, "Just do it!" Once you do, you will get hooked.JOURNAL YOUR THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS - ...not your food! If you eat somethingunhealthy, keep track of that. But, if you are eating healthfully, ratherthan be a lab rat chronicling each bite, ounces and other statistics, keeptrack of your WHYs. Learning why you are responding or reacting in certainways will help you to change your behavior much more than just writing downthe behavior itself. Get in touch with your emotions, feelings anddesires -- and what you really want out of this journey! That will ensuresuccess.UTILIZE THE HERBALIFE SUPPORT - You can never get nor give enough supportwhile on this journey.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Kenapa Ini Harus Terjadi

Binggung aku di buatnya dek kemulut perasaan yang aku tak fahami.Kenapa ia harus hadir di kala I memerlukan ketenangan.Kenapa aku harus memerimanya sedang aku belum begitu pasti akannya.Kini aku terperangkap dalam kemelut cinta yang tidak keruan.

Tak tahu macam mana nak ku jelaskan perasaan ini.Kenapa harus aku mainkan perasaan sendiri sedangakan aku tahu cintanya begitu kabur dan samar.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What A Life

I just very disoppointed because in this world there's so many hipocrate people who pretend to be good just infront of us. But they say and do totally different thing. I wonder what they really want in this life.Why people cannot be themselves but must be hipocrates.Even how hard they try to hide their hipocrates people will soon know what they really are.Because something with bad smells just cannot hide the smells.

I wish those who are hipocrates live you life and be yourself.Do not try to show people that how sweets you are by right you are not.He was a terrible thing to do.And if you are a mother and father who are hipocrated you cannot just avoid that your kids also will be like you.

Safe the worl from hipocrates people by be yourself.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Why Why Why

I really like to ask question not just to people but also to myself.
I use to read some where that they say when you ask the question you will get the answer.

You have to keep asking why to yourself everytime and when anything happen to yourself or even to peole around you.

I think why is a powerfull words which have given a big impact to many people from early days.

One think that I use to ask myself is that " If other people can why I cannot ". During my school days I am not a briliant student not even at average stage.I effect have taken my form five exam two times. Firt time I took MCE but second time I took SPM because if certain reason.I know it is quite hard to change from English medium to Malay medium expecially when comes to Mathematical and Science term.Alhamdulillah I make it quite well even not excelent which allow me to enter college and do Pra Diploma in Sceince.

"If other people can why I cannot " was a verse that have change my attitude of thinking and change the way I see things around me.As a results during college I get quite an excelent resulys which allow me to continue my study overseas.

I mostly thankfull to my dear teacher who have given so much effort to teach me durig the time I am sitting for SPM. I will never forget his kindness and time spend to give me a special tuition.I will always pray that he will be in happy always.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Mencari Erti Kehidupan

Satu persoalan telah ketemui yakni " Tidak Bermakna Hidup Tanpa Mengerti Erti Hidup dan Kehidupan".
Bermula dari detik itu aku tercari-cari apakah makna di sebalik kata-kata itu.Ia bagaikan suatu kata-kata keramat bagi ku kerana sejak detik itu aku tidak lagi berhenti memikirkannya.

Setiap ruang waktu yang luang pasti akan ku jejaki persoalan itu tanpa jemu dan tanpa henti.Sehinggalah aku temuinya pada satu sessi ceramah di kolej.

Sebenarnya erti kehidupan itu terdapat didalam satu surah didalam Al Quran yang maknanya" TIDAK KU JADIKAN JIN DAN MANUSIA MELAINKAN UNTUK BERIBADAT KEPADA KU '.Aku cukup puas hati setelah ku temui jawapan pada persoalan yang sekian lama bermain di kepala ku.Aku berjanji akan terus menabdikan diri ku kepada Yang Maha Esa.

Semuga Allah menerima segala perbuatan ku sebagai amalan kepadaNYa.

Oh Tuhan Yang Maha Esa lindungan aku dan ahli keluarga ku juga sahabat-sahabat ku dari api neraka ....amin ya robilalamin.